'The owner loves Ecoworks Marine products because they are environmentally clean and safe and the crew love them because they really work.'

Bertie Magnus Till, SY Elfje

Sustainability Partner

Ecoworks Marine, Formulating Ecological and Biological Cleaners.


starfishThere are a number of ingredients in traditional chemical cleaners which are potentially harmful to human health and to the environment. At Ecoworks Marine our ethos is to use simple ingredients that perform well. Careful selection of appropriate raw materials based on their individual criteria allows us to satisfy all our goals in terms of product performance, economics and a lower environmental footprint. Not every ingredient in a formulation can be derived from renewable resources, therefore it is important to select more eco-friendly ingredients as far as possible, in terms of hazard profile, oral and aquatic toxicity etc. We aim to replace undesirable ingredients wherever possible with eco-solvents, plant and fermentation extracts, naturally derived sustainable surfactants, naturally occurring non-hazardous bacteria and enzymes. We want our cleaning products not only to be safer for the environment but safer for the end user as well.



Our environmental criteria also encompasses all of our packaging. Our liquid containers are made from recycled materials, which in turn can be recycled. Our cardboard boxes are also made from recycled paper and cardboard which again can be recycled.

Most marinas have a waste recycling areas, so whenever you’re in port please place all your empty packaging in the appropriate bins.


Biodegradability Criteria:

The introduction of the Detergent Regulations (EC) No 648/2004 has ensured that surfactants pass a more stringent “ultimate” biodegradability test and Ecoworks Marine products meet this criteria, i.e. >80% within 28 days. However, this accounts for a very small proportion of surfactants that are used in more specialist applications. Special industrial or institutional surfactants that do not fulfill the criterion of ‘ultimate’ biodegradability within the given time period, must pass the test for “primary” biodegradability (>20% within the given period). Thus, claiming a product is “eco-friendly” or “green” on account of its biodegradability is somewhat misleading, as essentially all surfactants used in detergent formulations should satisfy the biodegradability criteria as laid down in the Detergent Regulations. Biodegradability is thus a standard requirement and not a standalone property which makes a product environmentally or eco-friendly.

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