Sustainable cleaning for the marine industry.

Effective ocean safe cleaning products for the marine industry. Safe for our oceans and safe for your crew.

'The owner loves Ecoworks Marine products because they are environmentally clean and safe and the crew love them because they really work.'

Bertie Magnus Till, SY Elfje

Sustainability Partner


Do the products work?


Yes definitely, they’re fantastic and our customers love them. We’ve spent many years developing the Ecoworks Marine range and have very skilled Bio Chemists working at developing our products using strains of bacteria’s and Enzymes to combat the toughest of cleaning challenges. Our products are proven and we have many positive testimonials, from customers, some of which can be found, at the bottom of our ‘Home’ page and also on our Facebook page.


What makes us different from other yacht cleaning products on the market?


We have formulated every product in the range to have a minimal impact on the marine and general environment by using mild ecologically favourable, naturally-derived renewable surfactants and cleaners. We are very concerned about the declining condition of our seas and oceans. In such a short time there has been a decline of notable native marine species, a rise in ocean acidification that is threatening even greater long-term damage to the fauna and flora of our oceans. There is no question that man’s interaction with the seas is out of balance and is having a negative effect. The products are pH neutral, non-caustic, non-flammable and IMO (International Maritime Organization) MARPOL Compliant.


Is using established yacht cleaning products or big brands from supermarkets, not helping to preserve the living seas?


No, there is no other range of products on the market that are all IMO, MARPOL compliant like the Ecoworks Marine range. Our products have been formulated to be safer for the marine environment and safer for the user. Many of the established cleaning products currently available, including those used in the home, have not been formulated with the same remit and care for the marine or general environment as ours. Many common household products are even positively dangerous to the user and would not be allowed, under EU health and safety regulations to be used in the workplace.


Are your products safe to use on all surfaces found on board a yacht?


Yes, all the products in the range should not have any adverse affects against any materials or equipment used on board or in the marine environment when used as directed. Our products are pH Neutral and Phosphate free. We do recommend however, that compatibility be confirmed by the user on any materials or surfaces known to be delicate or susceptible to discolouring.


Can I use Ecoworks Marine products on any size boat?


Yes, of course, any boat that needs to be kept clean and safe can use our products. You can use in your home too, many people do, just follow the directions on the reverse of the container!


Why offer the products in concentrate form?


Many of our products are in 10X or 200X concentrations. This means they should be diluted with water prior to application. We sell colour coded trigger spray bottles, which allow you to dilute the product before using it. Buying a product in concentrate form is by far the most environmentally efficient way to deliver products, it is also more economical for you the user. Just remember to dilute before use, the dilution rates vary and are advisory, you can dilute more than we recommend and you will still achieve great results, depending on the surface and dirt build up.


Where can I buy Ecoworks Marine Products?


We have many distributors and suppliers across  Europe, you can view all stockiest on our ‘Contacts’ page. ‘The Preserve The Living Seas’ range can also be purchased directly from us. All orders made for delivery within the UK can be made in our ‘Products’ shop. Shipping costs vary across Europe so please email us for all orders outside of the UK,


What sizes can I buy the products in?


Products come in various sizes depending on the product, from 500ml, 750ml trigger sprays, 1 Litre and 5 Litre, 10 or 20 Litre containers. Upon request we can provide our products in sizes up to 1000 Litre IBC’s.


What is the packaging made from?


All our packaging is made from recycled plastic and in turn can and should be recycled. Our cardboard boxes are from recycled sources and the box filling is made from potatoes, so you can even eat it.

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