About Us

Ecoworks Marine is a company that produces, markets and distributes a range of environmentally benign, sustainable, non flammable and human safe maintenance and cleaning products, for a broad range of Superyachts, boats, commercial off shore and industrial marine applications. Available in 1, 5, 10, 20 and 1000 litre containers.

Ecoworks® Marine products are MARPOL compliant and specifically formulated for the marine industry.

No longer is it necessary to use hazardous marine maintenance products that can be detrimental to the aquatic environment in order to keep your boat looking clean and ship shape!

The Ecoworks® Marine MARPOL compliant range delivers super fast, super safe cleaning results with minimum stress on the user and on the environment.

Our Purpose


Our products are sustainably sourced, we replace the more undesirable ingredients with renewable or naturally derived alternatives wherever possible. We use ingredients with more favourable oral and eco benefits, that are safer, non-hazardous and have non-irritant profiles. We do not test on animals of any species and are committed to a policy of a respect for all life.

All Ecoworks® Marine products are formulated to be compliant to MARPOL Annex 5 1.7.5 and are declared not harmful to the marine environment.

‘Preserve The Living Seas’

It’s time for change..


What is MARPOL?

In short, MARPOL (MARine POLlution) regulations are a set of international guidelines overseen by the IMO (International Marine Organisation – the United Nations specialised agency) ‘concerning the prevention of pollution of the marine environment by ships from operational or accidental causes’. Over the past 41 years the guidelines have been amended and upgraded considerably and on January 1st 2013 amendments were added to Annex V (prevention of pollution by garbage from ships), which declares (in brief) that every product on board a vessel that may enter the waste stream or ‘go overboard’ is compliant to the regulations and not harmful to the marine environment. Ecoworks Marine Preserve The Living Seas® cleaning products have been specifically formulated to be compliant to these international regulations as well as other national and local regulations.

Why is it of concern to the small boat owner?

Nobody wants excessive red tape to deal with and whilst MARPOL governs the international seas for ‘ships’ (which is their term for all vessels of any type operating in the marine environment) there are several other mandatory rules and regulations on national levels that all boat owners should be aware of. In the UK for instance, there is the Water Resources Act 1991 where it is an offence to allow any polluting, poisonous or noxious material (including solid waste matter) to enter a ‘controlled water’, without a consent. ‘Controlled waters’ include all watercourses, canals, most lakes and reservoirs, estuaries, lochs and coastal waters out to three miles (surface waters) and water contained in underground strata – known as groundwater.) This legislation applies irrespective of whether the substance was deliberately or accidentally released and prosecutions do happen.

On top of this regulation there is the European Directives EU Water Framework Directive and EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive June 2010, which are two pieces of legislation in place designed to improve and protect EU marine waters, water management and water quality and make them achieve Good Environmental Status (GES) by 2020.  The Directive defines Good Environmental Status (GES) as:

“The environmental status of marine waters where these provide ecologically diverse and dynamic oceans and seas which are clean, healthy and productive.”

Use of ecologically sound cleaning products such as the Ecoworks Marine Preserve The Living Seas® range minimizes the impact on the environment and in doing so avoids any individual potential prosecutions and – helps prevent restrictions theses Directives may place on boating activities in the near future.

Sustainable Cleaning

At Ecoworks our ethos is to use simple ingredients that perform well and with careful selection
of appropriate raw materials, based on their individual criteria, allow us to satisfy all our goals in
terms of product performance, economics and a lower environmental footprint.

We aim to replace undesirable ingredients, wherever possible, with natural eco-solvents, plant
and fermentation extracts, naturally derived sustainable surfactants, naturally occurring non-
hazardous bacteria and enzymes.

24/7 Cleaning Results

Reduce Stock Inventory

Eco-friendly Products

Reduce Health & Safety Admin

Our Formulations

  • Naturally-derived Surfactants

    such as alkyl polyglucosides (derived from corn and sugar), or where this is not practical, mild surfactants with good eco-toxicological profiles

  • Ecosolvents

    (plant derived solvent from replenishable sources) rather than traditional petrochemical synthetic solvents.

  • Organic Acids

    (e.g. citric) rather than mineral acids such as sulphuric, phosphoric etc.

  • Bacteria and Enzymes

    to break down organic matter naturally and without odour.

  • Natural Fragrance Blends

    These are carefully formulated at a concentration to be non-sensitising and safer for the skin and the

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